Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Who Knew Prisons Could Be This Useful ... Part 91

Too much time had passed. I knew what I had to do and what the consequences of training to be a horseman of the apocalypse would be, but when your heart is not dedicated to destroying the very world you grew up in. Well that just makes everything very difficult. Isolation has many ways of breaking a man's spirit and body. No matter how hard I trained and kept myself from thinking about Adrienne. The thoughts invaded my dreams and no matter how much I did not like the idea. Even seeing Stewart at this point would raise my spirits yet the same thought made me sick. 

We all left with the intention of training to control the powers we have taken and I have put that off for long enough. Defeating Stewart will be no easy task and I must have all the power I can wield in order to even stand a chance. I know I must train but I cannot bring myself to kill innocent people in a selfish endeavor to increase my own power. The more I thought about it the sicker it made me, I had to have some time for myself and there was only one place that was possible. I had to go back to the North Pole.

Another dream of Adrienne. They are becoming increasingly vivid. Is this my decline into insanity or is isolation having a greater impact on me than I expected. Shortly after waking up Harx, that beast could sleep half the day if you allowed it to, I noticed something unfamiliar on the horizon. It seemed like a black blur at first. As it got closer the shape of a cat began to appear. It was standing in front of me within minutes.

"You look rather familiar." Almost immediately after it stopped right in front of me the shape of the cat began to change. There was something strange about all of this because Harx wasn't reacting to the shape-shifter's presence or maybe his memory was just much better than mine.

"My master sent me to find you." The shape-shifter had taken the form of an old man which strikingly reminded me of my uncle but the appearance of the man was weak and the shifter used a cane. This was rather puzzling since the shifter was clearly rather powerful.

"That tells me absolutely nothing about who you are and who sent you."

"I would be insulted that you didn't remember but we were never formally introduced. My master has given me the name Raven and as for my master, he is a good friend of yours and goes by the name of Alex."

"Wait ... You are the girl he was with in Hell?"

"Yes, We both thought that keeping my identity a secret would be for the best at the time."

"Well now that we know who you are. What are you doing here and how did you find me here?"

"My master asked me to find you and mentioned a couple of places where you would be. This was clearly one of them."

"That answers one of the questions."

"As for the reason why, my master and I have recently uncovered some disturbing news and he is trying to share it as soon as possible."

"I'm listening." Harx had picked up on the conversation and had moved in closer to hear what was going on.

"As you know your recent acquirement of the powers of the Horsemen was rather sudden and came without much information. My master and I came upon some disturbing information recently. As you are aware one of your friends recently killed the lord of vampires, Dracula."

"Not so much a friend now as an acquaintance ."

"That is beside the point. Dracula was hired by the previous Horsemen to keep order on Earth."

This news was very unexpected and in no way prepared me for what would come next. The fact that Dracula was in the Horsemen's pocket was flabbergasting enough.

"I see that was rather a shock but there is more that you definitely want to hear. Being a Horseman is a one time job. The power required to drive an apocalypse is so immense that each Horseman is sucked dry of his life force and therefore dies upon the completion of his job."

The shifter was right. The news was so unexpected I couldn't keep simple thoughts in my head. A twister had formed in my mind. Everything was just a cluster-fuck, nothing yet everything made sense.

"My master has recently come into the possession of the scrolls required to summon Dracula from the void so his, Zac's, and your death can be prevented. He is rather keen on not dying anytime soon so he sent me to inform you of the news. This is where we are currently staying."

The shifter produced something from it's sweater. It looked like a rolled up scroll but I could sense power. This wasn't anything ordinary as directions or an address scribbled on some torn of piece of notebook paper.  

"It is a portal to the apartment in Russia we are staying. Feel free to use it as a base. When I leave here I will be joining my master in a search so it is very unlikely we will see you anytime soon."

"Thank you for everything and tell Alex I would like to join him as soon as I have all these powers under control."

"I will send the sentiment. As for the training my master wishes to know if you given prisons any though? Just an idea. Use the portal whenever you wish. I will find you when we find more information."

The shifter changed back into a panther before my eyes and was gone before I could utter another word. The twister in my head was dying down and concrete thoughts were finally forming. I felt guilty for having been so concentrated on what all this power was going to accomplish while others have tried to stop it from being unleashed. I know I must help him as soon as I am able to. First, I must finally get in control of all this power.

"Harx!" Harx quickly rose to his feet and stared right at me. I could see the desire to fight in his eyes.

"We have a prison to find."

The Knight


Sunday, April 3, 2011

It's Only Fitting... Part 90

So out it comes. the most hideous thing ever


^ (A message from the Russain. I thought I'd leave it in there since he posted it on my unfinished post. I completely didn't realize what i was saying at the time, but yes, it was a perfect setup.)

Anyway, its a bigass muthafuckin' badass muthafucka. As soon as it sees me it  dashes out of the water onto the beach and charges me at breakneck speeds. It's a giant fucking crocodile. WTF is this? Before I know it its on top of me. As it opens its mouth to swallow me whole I take my unsheathed sword and slap its face with it as hard as i can. This slams it to the ground. Then I realize i just made it angry. It takes another bite at me. I dodge it just barely and I'm able to slam my sword into its side, sending him rolling over. Taking advantage of the obvious I jump into the air and stab its stomach with my sword. Nothing...

"What the fuck is this shit? The underbelly is always the weak part!"

In the blink of an eye the giant croc bites my leg and slings me into the air. As I fall back i realize it intends to try to swallow me whole so I shove my sword as deep into its throat as possible. Its jaws snap shut but through the pain I'm able to choke it with my sword.

As I leave its mouth I realize that it'd been so long I forgot how good it felt. Beating the shit out of things. It's good to feel useful again. Time for a shower with some hot bitches.

After we leave the shower I turn on the TV. So shitty SyFy movie is on so I change the channel. I change the channel again. As I'm flipping through I realize all the channels are the same.

"Fuck this shit. Let's play Marvel VS Capcom 3."

"Um... I think there are some more important things we should be doing right now, Zac."

"Like what?"

"Are you not paying attention to the emergency broadcast on TV?"

"Hell no. Who gives a shit about that? Not like its gonna affect me."

"Just look."

As I look at the "Imma make you miss your favorite show" broadcast I realize that whatever happened today at my beach is happening... Everywhere. Its like some Godzilla shit. Looks like Imma have some more fun this week. Fuck yeah.

Suddenly I hear my cell phone ringing. I look at the caller ID and... It's Stewart.

"The hell?"

Dr. Orange


Monday, February 28, 2011

Everyone was Frog Fu Fighting ... Part 89

We did not know where to start. How do you even begin to search for a person who has been in hiding half of her life? 

"You are talking to yourself again."

"Not again."

I never noticed how often I talked to myself until I acquired a companion. Maybe I should talk in Russian so it doesn't seem like I am speaking nonsense.

"I have a perfect knowledge of Russian."


"It's alright, I am not here to judge what you say to yourself. We should start looking for this apprentice and soon, you don't have much time."

Raven was right, we had to start our search, immediately. I decided that going to the home of Dracula. If anyone would know how to find the closest person to Dracula, that person would most likely be amongst the vampires.

Raven agreed and we ported to the vampire safe house. I was not expecting a welcoming party but I definitely did not expect to see what I did. Dead bodies covered the floor and occasional racket  came from upstairs. As we made our way up the stairs the noises grew louder.

I have not been here in a long time but I knew where that door lead to. I opened the door to Dracula's office and was stunned to see Dracula's top two officers battling in the middle of the room. Almost everything has been overturned and it seemed a small fire has made it's way from the floor to some of the books lining the walls. The officers were so preoccupied with their battle they did not notice I had entered the room.

"Raven could you do something about this?"

"Not exactly. My powers are very limited."

I pulled a sword and calmly walked up close to the battleground. Calmly pulling the sword and holding it out between the two officers made them stop mid-swing.

The first officer was the first to speak after both of them had sat down and the fire was taken care of. 

"Mr. Alex, I must apologize that you had to witness this. Things have been different here recently."

"What is the meaning of all of this? Dimitri, Vincent ... I would like for you to explain what has been going on here. Don't leave out any details, I may be in a hurry but I need your help and it seems that you may need mine."

Vincent spoke up first.

"Ever since your acquaintance took over half of the vampire army, there has been a very violent civil war. The vampires currently under the control of your friend are fighting the vampires that you chose not to control. The war has been thinning our numbers but my brethren are powerless against the will of their master."

"That does seem like something twisted he would decide to do but why would he make his vampires attack the vampires that are supposed to be under my control."

"He just has us attacking supernatural beings that are not under the control of him or his friends. It is not your fault and it is not his intention, it is just the way that things have turned out. Why have you come here to seek our help?"

"I am looking for Dracula's first apprentice."

"Why are you looking for ..... her?"

I had no choice but to show him the scrolls. The look of recognition on the faces of the officers was enough for me.

"This is why. She may be the only one who can bring back your leader."

"We wish we could help you but we just don't have that knowledge. Dracula was careful but on this topic, he was too careful."


Monday, February 7, 2011

Why Doesn't Everything Come With an Instruction Manual ... Part 88

"Don't you have connections all over the place?"

"Yes, but for some reason the underground is rather quiet."

"I was there recently and that place was deserted."

"That is definitely not good."

"What are you trying to say?"

"I'm saying that an empty underworld is the first sign on the calling of the horsemen. If we don't bring back Dracula there is no stopping this."

"Wait a second, Dracula can stop the calling of the horsemen?"

"Yes. The previous horsemen made a pact with him. He was in charge of keeping the earth is some sense of order so the horsemen didn't have to do their job."

"Why would they want to do that? Isn't destroying worlds kind of their thing?"

"I take it no one told you that being a horseman is a one time gig."

"What the hell are you talking about?"

"Wiping out a civilization is not an easy job. Each horseman puts all of his life energy into the destruction and in turn dies with the civilization. The previous horsemen didn't look forward to the void, so they found Dracula and assigned him with essentially permanent babysitting duty of the human race."

"So they essentially didn't want to do what they were created to do."

"They weren't created, but chosen. Much like you and your friends and with Dracula gone you are closer and closer to being called to complete your assigned duty."

"We were never assigned a duty."

"Not directly, but by consuming the energy of the previous horsemen, you essentially took their assignment."

"Well, shit."

"What I'm trying to say in a nutshell is that if you want to survive, you have to bring back Dracula and you have to bring him back fast. The emptiness of the underworld means that the forces of hell have been summoned to prepare earth for your coming. We do not have much time."

"Shit. Why doesn't this job come with an instruction manual or something."

"The employees don't normally get 'laid-off' so suddenly. There's an initiation period before taking a responsibility such as this."

"Dammit. Well, what are we still doing here? We have an apprentice to find."

"I need to turn the lights off first."



Wednesday, February 2, 2011

It's been quite some time, but I'm back

I haven't posted in a while, and I will have a story update tomorrow, most definitely. 
Anyway, here's a new story for you, hope you enjoy. 

This is cruel, A voice inside my head rang out. It was my voice. My voice sounded strange. This isn't right. Where are you going? What are you doing?
“You're talking to yourself again,” Alex said.
“Shit,” I paused, “I didn't even realize it.”
“I could tell, you alright?”
“Same as usual.”
“Usually you can control yourself in public, it's been getting worse.”
“I'm fine,” I lied. I knew he had some problems too, I didn't want to talk about what was on my mind. I clenched my jaw, making sure I wouldn't start talking to myself on the train again. What are you doing? We're headed home. Why? Fuck you, me, fuck, I don't know. The train stopped, the doors opened and people flooded out. The last stop before ours. Alex turned to me, getting his jacket bundled up and stood up, putting on his gloves.
“You're going to get frostbite,” he looked at my hands.
“Eh, it isn't cold enough for gloves quite yet.”
“Your fingers, we're gamers, gotta keep them fresh and working.” He turned to the doors. I sat there. You're going to go home, play some videogames and then pass out with some vicodin or klonpin. You're probably going to drink along with it so you sleep well for the few hours that you sleep before you have to wake up and go to class. Whats the point in that?
“It's life,” I said, standing up and following Alex out the doors as they opened. It was a short walk to our apartment, and Alex and I were prepared, we had cut the time on beer retrieval down by making a bottle dispenser to pop two beers out every time we opened the door. The dispenser then pops the tops off and has them conveniently placed next to the door.
We walked in, grabbed our beer, I reached in our couch and pulled out the vicodin, took two, and offered the bottle to Alex.
“I'm okay right now, maybe later,” he declined.
“Suit yourself.”
Our couch was a rather interesting piece of furniture as well. We had stacked milk crates, stuck a minifridge in the center covered everything with cushions that were essentially hinged. The minifridge opened upwards, and next to it there were pill bottles stacked up.
We sat on the couch, at opposite ends. The numerous TV's buzzed on, and the playstations turned on. I took the mouse and keyboard out of the milkcrate underneath me. I waved the mouse on the side cushion which I'd sewn a mousepad onto, and typed in the password to wake up the computer another screen was attached to. I started the music and grabbed the controller that Alex extended towards me.
“What are you gonna play?” I asked, putting on my microphone.
“Don't know yet,” he said, hooking up his mic.
“I feel like some Catherine.”
“It's good to reminisce.”
“You're torturing yourself.”
“I lost them both, Alex.”
“No, one is still a possibility.”
“I lost them.”
“We're just like him. We're characters being played by someone else. Our gamers have no care what happens, they have the luxury of reset. We have nothing. We feel the lows and the highs that they push us through, they don't care. They can laugh when we fuck someone, but they don't care when we get fucked over. We're entertainment to whoever's watching.”
“Very much so.”
“You need to lay off the vicodin.”


The Hunger Will Consume Us All ... Part 87

"What is all this?"


I was absolutely dumbstruck. I had no idea what I was looking at. I am sure Raven saw the look of pure confusion on my face and began to explain what the scrolls were all about.

"I hope you remember how old Dracula is."

"I just know hes old."

"He is old enough to .... You know what. He is extremely old. Let's just leave it at that. Anyways, Dracula was alive before the creation of a written language."

"Wait a second. He was a fucking caveman?"

"Not a caveman, just before the creation of a systematic way of writing. His village was undergoing a rough winter and the hunters have not been able to find anything for about a week. Their supplies have run out days prior and several women had died from the cold and lack of food. Dracula was one of the hunters and upon returning yet again without a catch he could no longer stand the hunger. He has been known as the first cannibal."

"Ok, so he ate some human flesh to survive. What does that have to do with anything?"

"Everything actually. God had only created humans not so long prior and wanted the humans to grow into perfect beings and this selfish act of self preservation angered him. In his moment of weakness and aggravation he cursed Dracula with hunger for human flesh and made him immortal so he would suffer for him mistake for eternity. The hunger would torment Dracula until he ate. Dracula tried to go as long as he could without but it only tortured him. After some time Dracula found that he did not need to eat human flesh and could just drink the blood and be sated. This discovery led Dracula to be more comfortable with his condition since he didn't need to kill people to eat, merely drink their blood. Dracula would sneak into villages at night and cut sleeping victims and drink. One night, Dracula was out feeding but when he was cutting the young girl he accidentally cut himself and slung his blood all over the girls face. Dracula didn't think much of this and left the girl after he was done. God didn't however account for this adaptation and soon found that the curse he brought upon Dracula's body had spread to the young girl in that village."

"I though he had fangs, why use a knife."

"The fangs were not given to him until this incident. God gave him fangs to save the victims of his feedings. His method of cutting the victims caused many of the wounds to get infected and many of the victims died. God wanted to prevent as many deaths as he could and gave him the fangs he is known for today."

"Why not just lift the curse?"

"No one knows. The girl with the hunger was soon excommunicated and Dracula found her. Dracula soon figured out that he spread his curse to the girl and took her under his care."

"I really just want to know what the hell these scrolls mean."

"Well, I will wrap it up. He continued to live with his unplanned apprentice. The time of the Egyptians came about and there was a sufficient language to record instructions. Dracula had tried to find ways to kill himself but had been unsuccessful. The Egyptian's art of mummification intrigued Dracula and he found that he could actually kill himself through the procedure, the only catch was bringing himself back into a different body. He studied to find a way to achieve the impossible. Dracula studied to find away a way to bring himself back to life but he did not make a breakthrough until his collaboration with Ptolemy. His breakthrough allowed Dracula to change bodies to keep up with the evolution of the human body. He chose to record the findings and directions in Egyptian hieroglyphics because he wanted to honor the Egyptians and accredit them for part of his discovery."

"Damn, I had no idea he was that old."

"He is quite possibly the oldest living persons."

"Why persons?"

"He changes his body regularly."

"Oh, right sorry, well now that we have that out of the way. Can we get on with this?"

"I would gladly move on but I do not know what the scrolls say. We never learned the language due to our isolation. The only one who knows what those scrolls say is his apprentice. We have to find her if we stand any chance of bringing him back to life."

"Any idea where we could find her."

"Well the last time we spoke with the underworld she was residing somewhere in the North Pole, although she may have moved due to all the commotion your friends have caused recently."

"Why does this always have to be so difficult, always. Anyways come on let's not waste time, we need to find this apprentice."


Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Calm... Part 86

I'm awake. Man, I was really motherfucking tired... If i was still a normal person I'd probably sore as hell. Lovin' this healing factor. In spite of everything that's gone down, I'm relatively content right now. My girl is back. First win of the year. I'm far from being absolved, but i feel like now I've made progress towards making up for my failures.

I walk into the next room to find two of the most beautiful people in the world . Valentina and Maria are just chillin' on the couch like nothing ever happened, and I join them. We spend the entire day in a Star Wars marathon. Every. Single. Movie. Not that the prequels are all that good, but being able to something normal was just amazing. This is how life is supposed to be. By the end of Episode 6 we were all passed out on the couch. More sleep. Mmmmm...

"Damn man, you're out cold."


I look up groggily and I see Alex standing over me.

"What the fuck are you doing here man? I haven't seen you since that time I almost vomited heart all over you."

"I'm actually here for the Count's scrolls. It's about time we had an ace in the hole."

"Oh shit! I had completely forgotten... They're in that sack on my dresser. Fuck it, just take the whole thing, I'm not using it. Tell Drac I said wuzup when you see him."

With that I closed my eyes and tried to drift back into a deep sleep. Wait... was that a... I couldv'e sworn I saw something big and black run past the window with a low growl. Was that a fucking panther? I stumbled to my feet with my eyes still foggy with sleep. I opened the glass door to the porch and looked out. All I saw was a murder of crows flying in the opposite direction. I guess I was hallucinating... Sleepy time... Fast Forward>>

Finally awake. And this time I'm not tired anymore. I guess I might as well start planning this whole new world of my own creation thing. The truth is, If i could choose I would just pick the 4 of us guys, Val, Maria, and a bunch of other fine females and just have a utopia. No drama. But life isn't quite that simple anymore...

What's up with me? Am I getting depressed again? Fuck that! Imma get some help planning this new dimension. Wait, they aren't here...

"Where the fuck did those crazy bitches go?"

I realize its pitch dark and Val and Maria are nowhere to be found. I grab my sword and  walk outside. You know, I'm ready for a good fight. Haven't had one in a while.

That's one thing I need. A huge fucking arena where badasses go to fight. Anyone who has a serious dispute in my world will have the option of fighting to settle it. A good start. I'll make a mental note of that right next to the one about the river of chocolate and getting someone to clean out the Kraken tank. Someone brave.

Now that I think about it, it would be really epic if my dimension was like the comic books. So Imma have two earths, one from the DC universe, one from the Marvel universe. No fuck it, Imma have an entire fucking multiverse two of which will be the Marvel and DC universes respectively. And I mean down to every little detail. Hell Yeah. I wonder where Ramsey is. I haven't seen much of him lately either... Where the hell are they?

"Val! Maria! Where the are you?"

"Over here!"

I turn to see them on the beach waving at me.

"Oh... Well ok."

At that moment, I thought I noticed some movement in the water... Nah... I'm just seeing things again. I look at Val. She gives me a confused look. She saw it too.

"Girls... um... you might wanna get away from the beach now..."

As they get up to come back inside I see two eyes hit the surface of the water. Those eyes look like they belong to something huge and violent. Fuck yeah! Looks like another good fight. This'll take my mind off of things.

Dr. Orange


Friday, January 28, 2011

What The Hell Are All These Squiggly Lines? ... Part 85

"What are we doing back here?"

"I needed some place to go and this is kind of the only place I have."

"Why did you choose this place? You have mountains and crystal caves and undiscovered abandoned ruins, but you choose to meditate here."

"It's the only place that makes sense. No one can find me here. If we were playing hide and seek, I would never lose."

"It is not my job to question your decisions. I was just curious to know why we were back ....... here."

"It's still your home. You don't have to refer to it as some foreign place."

"This has stopped being a home for us some time ago. We like to refer to it as our prison."

"I understand. I apologize for bringing you here then, we will leave as soon as I am ready."

"No need to apologize, you didn't force us to come here. We are here voluntarily to update you on our assignment."


"The scrolls, sir."

"Oh shit, all this training made me completely lose focus. What news do you have?"

"We have them in our possession."

I felt as if this was a joke. All the time I spent getting these scrolls and Raven just assembles them and brings them forth. If it was anyone else, I wouldn't have believed them but Raven doesn't seem to have a sense of humor. That is definitely something to work on.

"Wow, in that case could you please take a more humanoid form. It feels rather weird to talk to a panther."

The transformation was almost instantaneous. The form Raven took was rather peculiar. The female form looked familiar but at the same time no name came to mind.

"Is this satisfactory?"

"Yea thats great, who's form is that?"

"It is a combination of the forms of our people and the forms of the population that we encountered on our journey."

"You really know how to put on a show."

"Thank you, now are the lights off for a reason?"


"Yes, the lights. We're going to go look if the training rooms have been repaired and turn the lights on. We apologize for interrupting your meditation."

"It's perfectly alright, but before you go, could I get those scrolls?"


Raven walked off into the distance. After Raven disappeared from sight a clicking sounds started to echo throughout the room. The clicking paused and the door closed shut. I assume Raven took the form of the old man for old times sake. The lights came on shortly after the door closed and I laid out all the scrolls and the heart of Dracula before me. It took several minutes of looking in amazement at this collage before I realized that I had absolutely no idea what the scrolls had to say. I can't believe I had half of them all this time and never bothered to look at them. Why can't something be easy for once. I needed to find someone who knew what was on these scrolls. Just as the thought took place in my head the doors behind me opened and the clicking of the cane resumed to echo in the room. It was a hell of a chance but it was a chance that couldn't be wasted.

"We see you finally looked at those scrolls."


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

And so the story continues ... Part 84

It has been several months since I began my training as a horseman and I must admit, it was rather entertaining at the beginning. Animals waging wars and humans battling to their dying breath with nerf guns is entertaining but does eventually get boring, but no matter how fun everything has to come to an end. As I killed of  the remainder  of the cows that were winning in yet another cow/horse mini-war I decided that it was time to head back and that my powers were under enough control for now. I set out to the underworld.

Which was surprisingly empty. I was rather confused, everyone was gone. No minions in sight, no generals, no advisors. Every room was empty and still as if no one had entered them since we all separated. I couldn't help but feel lost and confused. What has happened since our departure? Where is everyone? Why is the underworld so ..... dead? Questions flooded my mind and the lack of answers brought a fog to my head. I was walking aimlessly from room to room hoping to find any sign of life or death but none appeared. Even the news held no answers but did have an interesting bit on some exploding nebula that might create a second sun. Sounded like a complete load of shit to me but who knows, anything is possible. 

After awhile I gave up my search and went to my room. Nothing had been moved, even the crumbs from something I ate before leaving.

It felt like a dream. It could only be described as a vivid scene constructed by my subconscious and I wanted to believe that it was but everything was so real. I wanted to deny what I was seeing but it was right in front of me. The empty void that used to be so full of death. The stillness is surreal in comparison to the busyness of the place before I left, granted it was going through a change in management. I knew I couldn't stay here, it was too quiet, too still. 

I pulled a portal from my jacket. The motions have almost become fluid from practice. It was the last place I wanted to go but at the same time, it was the only place to go. All I could do was close my eyes and step through the portal.

The rushing currents welcomed me. It seemed like the whole city was aware that I had arrived, or maybe it was just the souls of the previous residents in the pocket of my jacket. It was nice to feel welcomed nonetheless, even if it was in the most solitary place no one knows exist.

I opened my eyes to complete darkness. I hadn't anticipated the time. I wasn't tired but felt exhausted. I pulled out something that glowed and a mat to sit on. I sat and began to meditate. 

The world slowly drifted further away, all the cares were dissolving and any thought of the mission that was ahead siphoned out of my mind. It would be an understatement to call the feeling bliss. All I knew is that I didn't have a care in the world and that I was alone in the most secluded place on Earth. So I did the only thing to do.

I waited.

The Russian


Friday, November 26, 2010

Anyone out there?

So I was just wondering if there was anyone still subscribed to this rather dead blog... Is there?

If so... lemme know. Maybe we will try to resurrect this thing. And watch this video. (WAR CAM EAGLE!!!!!)

If not... well it doesn't really matter does it?

Dr. Orange